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Let the taste do the talking

9th September 2020
Let the Taste do the Talking, volume one is now completed . Now released and available in hardback format from all good bookstores @ £15  NOW SOLD 15 THOUSAND COPIES            +

A Recipe from my Book 'Let the Taste do the Talking'

29th March 2019
Be bold , as the more mistakes you make the better your results will flourish.The very silkiest Chicken Liver Pate .Topped with cider jelly. Degree of difficulty // very easy. Forget onions , caramelised or otherwise , and everything else which shouldn`t be there. It is hard to believe that chicken livers can taste this good . Simple to make, economical and takes just 15 minutes . Enough for 6/8

My Second Book to be published soon .“Let the taste do the talking”

29th March 2019
A short introduction to my second book, “Let the taste do the talking”. I hope you enjoy... A combination of simple ingredients cooked well with passion. By Phil Stafford 100 Stunning signature recipes brought to you from The River Yacht Cafe on the River Thames, London. As Dylan Thomas quotes in Under Milkwood “To begin at the beginning” Manchester in the north west of England in 1948.

A Little History of La Fiesta

29th March 2019
La Fiesta Was built in 1923 by Alexander Robertson on the Clyde at a cost of £4,999, seventeen shillings and sixpence, equivalent to in excess of £1million in today's money . Interestingly, she was involved in clandestine operations in Scandinavia with the SAS during WW2, Scuttled by the Germans; Recovered by the Admiralty when twin Gardener 4 Lws were fitted , replacing the original Steam